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The Union Difference! The rights and benefits we enjoy today are the result of decades of hard-fought struggle by the women and men who organized in the labor movement.
United for Respect! In the past year Walmart has cut profit sharing, cut bonuses, cut Sunday premiums, cut hours, and cut staff at stores. Each time, Associates had to make tough choices about how to deal with less take home pay and worse benefits. Now, Walmart announced it will cut health care options. Something's not right!  You donít have to accept these tough choices.You can stand together with other Associates to speak out against these cuts by joining OUR Walmart.

We Are Doing It! Historically women have taken the lead in the fight for rights on the job. Today our union sisters stand on the frontlines as we wage battles in state after state to protect the middle class. Across the country, AFSCME members are pulling together in support of collective bargaining, progressive income tax, Social Security and Medicare.

From Wisconsin to Wall Street! Public service worker Tim Birkley travels to New York City from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. He explores the connection between the February occupation of his capitol by thousands of teachers, students, and state workers to the occupations happening around the country and around the world.

Young Workers Set to Take Leadership Role! Halima Said, Michelle Kavanaugh and Eric Clinton live thousands of miles apart, but they share a common belief that young people can and will make a difference. The three were among more than 800 young workers who took part in the Next Up Summit held in Minneapolis. Organized by the national AFL-CIO, the goal of the summit was to provide opportunities for young workers to network, learn new skills and prepare to take the lead in a labor movement that faces many challenges. Young workers interviewed at the summit didn't claim to have all the answers, but said they were ready to step up. Said was one of several members of AFSCME Local 34 in Minneapolis, representing Hennepin County workers, who attended the summit. ďBefore I joined my union, I had no idea what a union was,Ē she said. Now, she and friends Ibrahim Farah and Fatuma Kassim are ready to take active roles in their local union. Full Story

More Jobs Equal Less Debt! It's pretty simple, the more jobs we create now, the less Federal debt they'll have to carry later. 
Because jobs not only put food on the table, they put revenue in the treasury and money in the marketplace. More jobs equal less debt. Even our kids can understand that.

We Remember! On the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, AFSCME commemorates the public workers who rushed to the rescue in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Public workers were the first to arrive and the last to leave the scenes of horrific death and destruction. Those who worked 36-hour shifts and sifted through 200 stories of rubble with their bare hands didnít view it as a heroic act - they saw it as doing their job. We will never forget the long hours, grueling labor, and emotional trauma endured by public workers during the rescue, the weeks of clean-up, and the years of recovery. Itís as important now, as it was then, to value public workers and show respect for the rights of those who answer the daily call of duty to their communities.

Fighting Back and Making History in Wisconsin! Working families in Wisconsin have stood up and said "no more" to the politicians playing partisan games with their lives. Nurses, teachers, firefighters, cops, and public and private sector workers are fed up with paying the price for Wall Street excess, the greed of corporate CEOs, and the dangerous agenda of the politicians who answer to them. This is their story.

Next Wave Conference 2011 Highlights! More than 600 new and young AFSCME activists came together in Atlanta from July 8-10, 2011 for a crash-course on the corporate-funded, right-wing attacks on working families and their unions, and how to fight back. They also developed their own leadership skills and redoubled their commitment to build the union.

Republican Cuts: What's at Stake? Consequences of the cuts-only Republican budget for Minnesota.

Shutdown - Darkness Falls on Minnesota: Consequences of Minnesota State Government Shutdown, June 30, 2011. Workers tell about services they will no longer be able to provide for Minnesota citizens when they lose their jobs due to the failure of legislators and the governor to reach a budget agreement by the midnight deadline.

We Want to Work for Minnesota: The coalition advocates for a fair state budget and excellence in public services. The TV ad features public employees who want to work for Minnesota.

Minnesota Grandmas and Grandpas on Potential Government Shutdown: Parents and grandparents and the caregivers who assist them 24 hours a day were asked to share their feelings on funding for older adult services in the face of a potential government shutdown in Minnesota. Listen to what they said...

State Workers React to Budget Stalemate: State workers from around Minnesota packed the capitol Monday night urging the legislature break the budget stalemate of the last five months and move Minnesota in the right direction. DFL Governor Mark Dayton has since vetoed the submitted budgets. Unless a resolution is met in a special session, thousands of workers face job uncertainty as a government shutdown looms with no compromises in sight.

Workers Face a Shutdown: Starting last week, thousands of state employees received layoff notices in the mail. Major agencies of state government will shut down if no budget is reached by July 30th, and those that depend on state services, like students and patients, might be turned away. Instead of arguing over what is or isn't a "critical service" for the near future, Minnesotans need to focus on a balanced approach to a budget solution to move Minnesota forward for the long haul.

The Truth About the Economy: Robert Reich connects the dots on the economy, in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Who knew he could draw!

What Does 2% Look Like: John Van Hecke shows us what 2% looks like.

Rally Testifies to Legislatureís Failure: Unions members gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol during the final hours of the 2011 regular legislative session to urge lawmakers to pass a fair budget before the midnight May 23rd constitutional deadline. Failure to pass the budget threatens a shutdown of state government services on July 1, 2011.

Choices: How we solve our state's budget problem will say alot about our values.

Memphis Sanitation Workers Remember: Memphis sanitation workers from the famous 1968 strike stand in solidarity with workers across the country, who are fighting the same battle for rights today.