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A retirement party honoring Rolland "Rollie" Toenges, long time Director of the Hennepin County Labor Relations Department, was held with union and labor relations  representatives.

AFSCME Local 34 sponsored an evening gathering to thank Rollie for all of his years of service. Guests expressed their appreciation for the positive working relationship that developed between the unions and Labor Relations while under Rollie's leadership. 

 Kate Wagner, AFSCME Local 552,  presents Rollie with a special, union-made sweatshirt for all those cold winter nights.

Guests: John Shabatura, former Labor Relations Representative from Hennepin County, along with Kate Wagner, AFSCME Local 552 and John Herzog, AFSCME Local 34, enjoyed the evening.


Guests: Nancy Fleming-Norton, AFSCME Local 34 and Donna Dregger-Holmes, AFSCME Local 34, enjoyed the food.