AFSCME Council 5 represents nearly 5,000 Hennepin County workers in nine local unions. Our members have not had a raise in three years.

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AFSCME Business Agents, Matt Nelson, Steve Marincel, Jeff Dains

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Council 5 Executive Director Eliot Seide

"Workers at Hennepin County do important work and deserve a raise."

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Commissioner Peter McLaughlin

“I stand here today to honor your work, the services you provide, and we stand here today to say you deserve a fair contract."

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Commissioner Gail Dorfman

“When I look at our communities, I know they're healthy and vibrant largely because of the work that you do everyday. The way we thank you, the only way we have to thank you, is by giving you adequate pay and benefits for the excellent work you do. I never want to ask Hennepin County employees to sacrifice pay and benefits again."

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 Jim Appleby, Assistant Hennepin County Attorney

“Without a fair contract it won't stay like this very much longer. Hennepin county wages are no longer competitive in either the public or private job market.”

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 Monica Jochmans, Child Protection Social Worker

"In a time when much lip service is paid to family values, little attention is paid to the value of bringing services to families in need.”

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Musicians entertained AFSCME members at the rally!


Members at the rally chanted, “We're the front line, not the bottom line!”

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Additional Rally Photos from AFSCME Local 2822

"United to make a difference!"