From the Desk of the President (May, 2005)  

Appointments will be made for all of the Local 34 Standing and Non-Standing Committees at the May 4, 2005 General Assembly.  A flyer has been sent for posting on union bulletin boards.  A brief synopsis of each of the committees is as follows: 


*Budget & Finance – meets 3-6 times in fall of the year to work on proposed budget for the following year;

*Constitution – meets as needed to review and prepare proposed amendments to the Constitution and Standing Rules for presentation to the General Assembly;

*Dental Trust – represents Local 34 on the Council 5 Dental Trust Committee;

*Good & Welfare – handles requests from our members to recognize important events in the lives of our members;

*Health & Safety – responsible for collecting information from our members about health and safety conditions in our workplaces around the county and advocating on behalf of our members as needed;

*Investment – reviews the investments of our Local;

*Newsletter - provides assistance to the Newsletter Editor and web site developer;

*PEOPLE – works with the Council 5 PEOPLE Committee on political action;

*Master Negotiations – collates contract surveys, attends meetings of the united Hennepin County Locals to put together our master contract proposal, presents the proposal to the General Assembly for approval, reviews the Employer’s final proposal for recommendation to the body.  


*Elections – prepares for and conducts officer elections;

*Hennepin County HealthWorks – attends meetings of county-wide committee as scheduled;

*Strike – gathers information to prepare members for possible strike if negotiations are not successful;

*Discrimination in the Workplace – reviews and addresses member concerns about discrimination, dignity, respect, harassment, and reports to the Body;

*HSR Review – gathers concerns of HSRs for discussion with the Employer. 

Labor/Management HealthCare, Professional Concerns Meet & Confer and Paraprofessional Concerns Meet & Confer Committee members are established by terms of our Constitution and Standing Rules. 

Membership in the above committees is open to all dues-paying members of the Local and appointments are for May 1, 2005 - April 30, 2006.  Anyone interested in serving on any of the above committees should contact me immediately at 348-0266 or by e-mail.  Your fellow members will thank you for your volunteerism.  

The following members have been appointed to the Master Negotiations Committee so far:  Anita Selin, Clifford Robinson, Maureen Glover, John Herzog, Wes, McGee, Laurie Simon, Deanna DeLoach, Andrea Lennox, Sylvia Gutierrez, Robin Katz, Jo Ann Elston, John Korman, Wes Volkenant, Shannon Wesley, Mary Kay Popko and Jean Diederich.  We can always add more volunteers to serve on this committee as we prepare our proposal for contract negotiations.  This committee will have met several times in April, with more meetings in May, as we put together the master proposal with the other eight Hennepin County AFSCME locals as well as our own supplemental proposal.  The final results will be brought back to the June 1, 2005 General Assembly for a vote.   The first meeting of the all local's Master Committee is set for May 5, 2005 from 5:30 - 8:30 PM at  the Ridgedale Library with follow-up meetings set for May 12, 2005 and May 26, 2005 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM in the Hennepin County Government Center Auditorium.


Appointments of members to the Action Committee will also be made at the May 4th GA.  This committee will have its first training on May 3rd from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at the Council 5 office.  In order to have a successful contract campaign, we will need a whiz bang group of folks to lead us and  it will be the members of the Action Committee who will perform a major part of that function.  I am really excited see what the minds of our members will come up with to keep us always moving forward in this campaign and consider this group of dedicated folks the backbone of this entire initiative.  Please think about joining this committee as they go boldly where no group has gone before - to the heights of joint creativity and discovery of what events we truly are capable of bringing to fruition in the next few months.   Good times!

I look forward to many tomorrows as we work together courageously to improve our working lives…Jean