From the Desk of the President (June/July, 2016)



Results of the Netroots Nation and AFSCME International Convention elections: Netroots Nation – MiKayla Handley and Christina Eichorn were elected by uncontested ballot to attend this event. They will be wending their way to beautiful (and humid) St Louis, Missouri to take in all that they can take in for social media information and updates.  

AFSCME International Convention - Grace Baltich, Brittany Bullock, Kathy Kelly, Andrea Lazo-Rice and Paul Madison were elected as delegates with Linda Flykt, Leah Hicks, Teng Lor, Tamika Hannah, Chris Brazelton and Elizabeth Allison - in order of alternate rank - elected as alternates. The delegates will attend the convention. If one of them cannot attend, the 1st Alternate will then attend the convention. If another delegate has to bow out, then the 2nd Alternate would step up as delegate – and so on. Thank you to everyone who contacted me to find out what the responsibilities were to represent our local at both events and to those who ultimately put their names forward for the elections.  

Special orders of business from the May 18, 2016 Executive Board meeting: We elected Christina Eichorn to fill the vacant Member-at-Large seat with that term expiring April 30, 2017. Christina and fellow Member-at-large, Brenda Louise, who had to miss the General Assembly due to a work crisis, took their oath of office following that election. Congratulations!!!!  

We have a new Newsletter editor!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! It was fun to put together the last newsletter but I am very happy to hand this duty off to someone competent. Ali (Alexandra) Marzolf will begin her duties starting with this June/July 2016 newsletter. Please join me in thanking her for stepping forward to serve in this position. If you have suggestions for newsletter ideas or have an article for a future edition, you can send them to her at Please join me in congratulating Ali and thanking her for all the hard work she will be putting in to the future editions of this important piece of our local’s communications.  

Dress Policy - I read this one in the June 2, 2016 “In the Loop” editions and thought it might be a good reminder for all of us now that the weather is getting warmer. Note – I am not doing the employer’s job for them – just asking everyone to think about what you wear. We have had employees sent home to change because their apparel did not meet the “standard” cited in the HSPHD Administrative manual.  

Reminder: Your appearance at work matters: As the weather heats up, it is really tempting to wear flip flops and shorts. But should you wear this at work? HSPHD's Appearance Policy says, in part, "Employees should dress in a professional manner appropriate to a workplace and commensurate with their contact with the public." Although we don't have a comprehensive list of what not to wear — it does depend on your job function, where you work (home visits or office), your contact with the public, etc. — several areas have developed guidelines for their staff. If you aren't certain about your apparel, talk to your supervisor for guidance. Shoes: Flip-flop or "flip-flop-like" shoes are not appropriate in the workplace. They can be worn to and from the workplace but not in the workplace, similar to wearing boots in the winter. (If you have to ask if they are "flip-flop-like" then they probably are.) Pants: Capri pants and walking shorts (longer shorts) are acceptable. Short shorts are not. Tops: Tank tops and T-shirts with advertising or slogans are not appropriate in the workplace. Also remember that your clothing should not be too revealing! Staff are expected at all times, whether in their behavior or in the way they dress, to represent Hennepin County in a professional light to the public. Should you have any additional questions related to acceptable professional summer dress apparel for work, please feel free to talk with your supervisor or their manager.