An election was held at the January 16, 2002 Executive Board meeting for Professional Vice President due to the resignation of John Herzog. Andrea Lennox was elected to fill that position with her term of office to begin February 1, 2002. Please join me in welcoming Sister Lennox to the office, and in thanking Brother Herzog for his many years of dedicated service to our Local. 

This year we have a number of events taking place which are important to our members. We had motions at either the General Assembly meeting or the Executive Board meeting to elect delegates to these events.

 Council 14 Convention:

This event will be held March 1 - 2, 2002 at the Thunderbird Hotel in Bloomington. The convention opens at 11:30 AM, March 1, for registration, with the business meeting convening at 12:30 PM. Nominations of chair officers for the 2002 - 2004 period will take place at this time. All seats - President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer - are open. Workshops will also be held in the afternoon. We shall also elect Executive Board members with those elections taking place on Saturday. Day care will be provided if needed with the proviso that you must sign up by no later than 2/22/02 in order that arrangements may be made.

 Day on the Hill:

This event will be held on Thursday, March 7th at the Radisson in St. Paul. The Executive Board passed a motion to send up to 34 members to this event with elections to be held at the February 6, 2002 GA.. The Local will pay for one day lost time, mileage or bus fare and $35.00 per diem. The President will appoint members to fill the 34 slots if we do not elect the full delegation at the 2/6/02 GA.

Nellie Stone Johnson Dinner: For more about Nellie Stone Johnson, click here.

The Executive Board passed a motion to purchase a table for eight for this event held March 21, 2002 at the Radisson South Hotel, beginning at 5:30 PM. The motion also stated that we would elect the eight members at the 2/6/02 GA.

 MSSA Membership:

Local 34 has a block membership in MSSA. As part of that membership, we are entitled to 7 delegates. The Executive Board passed a motion to elect those delegates at the 2/6/02 GA meeting. Since many of the issues we face in our jobs are covered at MSSA conferences and carried forward to the State Legislature, it is extremely important that we have members willing to attend the meetings to represent us. The commitment is for one year.

 If you cannot attend the February 6, 2002 GA but would like to have your name included in the elections for any one or all of the above events, please contact either Jean Diederich at 348-0266 or Nancy Fleming-Norton at 879-3681 by noon on 2/6/02.

 AFSCME International Convention:

This convention is scheduled for June 24 - 28, 2002 and will be held in Las Vegas. The motion from the 1/2/02 GA was discussed and the Executive Board passed the motion to send 7 delegates and 7 alternates to this convention, paying 5 days lost time; 6 nights hotel to include a Saturday night stay over; transportation to & from airport; airfare; 7 days per diem at $50.00 with the elections for delegates and alternates to be held at the March 6, 2002 GA. 

 Other news:

The Executive Board also passed a motion to send the President-elect, Treasurer-elect, 2 current Trustees and the Trustee-elect to the Council 14 Treasurer's Training held April 17, 2002, paying one day lost time, mileage and $10.00 registration cost.

John Herzog was appointed at the December 19, 2001 Executive Board meeting to serve as Web Developer for our Local. He will begin this duty effective February 1, 2002. Developing a Local 34 web site has been a topic of discussion at our meetings for the past several years so this is the first step towards achieving that goal. I look forward to the results of the time and hard work he will put into the development of this site.

The changes in the State budget will impact all of us.  In what shape or form that impact will be, we do not yet know. This is one of the reasons we have to be pro-active this year. You can begin by attending the precinct caucus for your political party. They will be held in March. If you are not sure of the time or place of your precinct caucus, you can contact your local Women's League of Voters or the Elections Office for your city. I know that attending a caucus takes time from your busy schedule. There are so many other things that we can do but this is one meeting that can have a direct impact on who gets elected to the Legislature and the Governor's office and will prepare the next budget. Think about it.

Last, but definitely not least, I have been notified by Public Affairs that work will commence on the meeting rooms on the Government Center A-Level as of mid-March. Because of this work, meeting locations for the General Assembly and the Executive Board have been changed.  Please make sure that you check the monthly Banner to see where they will be held. I have scheduled them through the end of the year to be held in either Room 110 or 112 of the health Services Building, 525 Portland Ave. There is parking at the HCMC Ramp on the corner of 6th and Park for those of you who need parking. There generally is also parking at meters on the street at the time we have our meetings. The schedule is as follows:

 All GA meetings will be held in Room 112, HSB on April 3rd, May 5th, June 5th, July 3rd, August 7th, September 9th, October 2nd, November 6th, and December 4th. Executive Board meetings will be in the same room, HSB 112, for March 20th, April 17th, June 19th, July 17th, August 21st, September 18th, October 16th, November 20th and December 20th. The May 15th E-Board meeting will be held in HSB 110. I will post any changes to these rooms as soon as I receive notice that the  Government Center rooms are once more available.

 Will the groundhog see his shadow? Have a great month.     Jean