From the Desk of the President (December, 2015)


Election of MSSA delegates for 2016 – will be held at out 12/2/15 General Assembly held at 5:30 PM in HSB L14/L15 (basement rooms across from the elevator). We are entitled to 7 delegate spots for MSSA based on local’s membership. If you are interested in putting your name forward for one of those spots and cannot attend the meeting, please send me an email by no later than 12:00 noon of 12/2/15 to indicate your interest. This election is open to any member of our local.

We are also holding a food drive at the General Assembly. All food collected will be shared by our partner organizations, VEAP and CEAP, at the Northwest and South Suburban sites. Please bring your contribution of non-perishable items to the meeting. Last time we collected over a dozen bags of food – let’s beat that this year!!

CONTRACT VOTE will be held on Thursday, 12/3/15, at 19 sites around the county. You must be a member in order to vote. We will have the member and fee payer lists at each voting site so, if you have not yet signed a dues authorization card – or the one you signed has not been processed – you will be able to sign a card that day and then vote. The locations with voting times will be posted on our Local 34 web page at and on the Council 5 web page at under the heading Bargaining – Hennepin County. This information will be included in the mailing that is sent to your home address with a summary of the tentative agreement.

Thank you to the many folks from EE&O who have put in long hours with the rallies, informational pickets, designing buttons and signs, getting information out to everyone. Thank you to all of you who have been wearing your green shirts – love that color on you (we are ordering more of the smaller sizes so will have them available for future union activities). Thank you to everyone who turned out for the rallies and informational pickets, who made calls to the Commissioners and talked to your coworkers. Thank you to everyone who put forward ideas for the proposal – we didn’t get everything we asked for in this round but those ideas are not going away. Some of them we will be able to address via the Meet & Confer process so we will be calling on you to help flesh out your requests for those meetings. A HUGE thank you to our Table Team – Alex Erickson, Brenda Louise, Kathy Kelly, Kenneth W. Garnier, Maggie Keating and Tywanna Gray. As I have stated in my emails, it has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Table team with you. Local 34 – you had rock stars representing you. Everyone spoke up, asked questions, answered questions, challenged misinformation, and did necessary research for the negotiation sessions. And last, but not least, thank you to the members of the Table Team from Locals 552, 1719, 2822, 2864 and 2938 as well as our Council 5 Field Representatives – Alison Kelly, Bart Andersen and Michael LaCoste. It took all of us working together to reach this agreement.

Treasurer’s Notice – Patrick Regan, our Treasurer, requests that anyone with lost time or reimbursement requests that have not yet been submitted to do so now. He will be closing the 2015 books with the payments we sign at the 12/16/15 Executive Board meeting. That means that you will need to send your paperwork to him via interoffice mail by no later than 12/10/15 in order for him to have it on hand. He is located at FJC – mail code is L890. Any requests submitted after the cutoff will have to wait until the January 2016 payroll.

From the Local 34 Supplemental here is our list of items for Meet & Confer. Note that we have carried over some topics that have been on our list for a long time. They are there because we keep coming back to them, as our work processes and working conditions change. We have an agreement with the Employer that we will have separate Meet & Confers for both Social Worker and Human Service Representative issues because they continue to lead the list of topics that we bring to the table every month.



We have a lot of work ahead of us for the next three years and I look forward to having conversations about these items with you. The beauty of our local is that so many of you step for-ward with ideas and suggestions to help make things better for all of us.

I would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season and that your travels are safe.