MSSA Opposes "Mandatory" Licensing o

MSSA Opposes "Mandatory" Licensing of Social Workers Social Workers

The following resolution was adopted at the November, 2008 Legislative Assembly by MSSA (Minnesota Social Service Association) delegates:

Title: Opposition to Mandatory Licensing of County Social Workers. Description: The MN Board of Social Work is proposing mandatory licensing of all county social workers by 2012. Fiscal Impact: Increase county costs for hiring social workers. MSSA Proposed Action/Solution: Continue current practice and requirements per Mn. Merit System. Motion was adopted.

Note: County Social Workers have been exempt from "mandatory" licensing since the initial law went into effect in 1987. AFSCME has remained opposed to "mandatory" licensing of County Social Workers. AFSCME Local 34 is a Member Agency of MSSA.

~ John Herzog, Local 34 member