Good and Welfare


The Good and Welfare Committee was established to send remembrances to dues paying members at times of happiness or sorrow. This includes marriages, the birth or adoption of a child, prolonged illness or hospitalization, or the death of a member, immediate family member or significant other – as defined in the Contract.

In the case of surgery or prolonged illness, or for the birth or adoption of a child, flowers or plants can be sent to a member. In situations involving the death of a member or a death in the family of a member, memorials can be sent. (“Family” is defined the same as in Article 16 – Funeral Leave – in our contract; it includes: spouse, child, significant other, aunt/ uncle, father/ mother, sister/ brother, grandparent/ grandparent-in-law, grandchildren, niece/ nephew, or a person regarded as a member of the member’s immediate family). In the event of members getting married, retiring, gaining U.S. citizenship, or for a death in the family of a member or in the case of the death of a member, a card can be sent to the family.

Please send all requests for remembrances to the Good and Welfare Committee: Amanda Abell, 612-596-8946,  (Mail Code L890). 

The referrals must include the name of the member and the reason for your request. If the request is for a plant or flowers, you will also need to include the person’s home phone number for delivery purposes.