Failed GAMC Override is a Sad Chapter for State

I have lived in Minnesota since 1962, and until today I have been proud to be identified as a Minnesotan. I was proud of my state for its relatively clean politics and its tradition of compassion for the poor and vulnerable. No more. March 1, 2010, is a day that will be remembered as a turning point in the character of our state. It will be remembered as the day a group of Republican representatives chose political expediency and turned their backs on thousands of vulnerable Minnesotans by refusing to override the governor's veto of the General Assistance Medical Care bill. 

Their failure to serve the citizens of this state instead of a politically ambitious governor will immediately imperil thousands of our citizens. The rest of us are also at risk as our property taxes rise to pay for the increased use of hospital emergency rooms by the poor, increased health insurance premiums and a decrease in the quality of our hospitals as they struggle to stay afloat. The only solution to this tragedy is to elect a Democratic governor in November who will work with the Democratic Legislature to bring compassion and fiscal responsibility back to Minnesota.

(Letter to Editor, Star Tribune, 3/3/2010) Cliff Robinson, AFSCME Local 34