Contract Negotiation Updates 2009/2010


AFSCME Local 34 Negotiation Team members:  Jacqueline Poole, Wes Volkenant, Patrick Regan, Matt Nelson (BA), Lori Simon and  Jean Diederich.


Local 34 Hennepin County Social Service Unit Contract 2010 - 2011


Contract Vote Results (12/3/2009): AFSCME counted the ballots from the contract vote held on 12/4. All six AFSCME locals - 34, 552, 17179, 2822, 2864 and 2938 voted to accept the contract by 84.7 %. Thank you to everyone who took time out of your busy day to vote. Thank you to all who participated in the negotiations process - serving as a Master Negotiations Committee member, Table Team member, Action Team member, wearing green on the days we were at the table, attending the County Board budget meetings in your AFSCME green shirts, showing up for the information meetings, talking to your coworkers about the process, making calls to your Commissioner, working a phone bank, etc. It is only because of you that this ended up as it did. Jean Diederich, President, AFSCME Local 34

“Don’t ask your workers to bear the brunt of your budget problems.  We will fight any attempt by the County to take away benefits. This is the absolute worst time to lay such an added burden on employees. Hennepin County vendors must redesign their services, as Hennepin County employees have been asked to do.  Hennepin County can no longer be all things to all people. The Union recommends a flattening of the organization. These negotiations will impact our management-labor relationship. We are looking for a fair contract. It is time for the County to do its part!” ~  Steve Marincel, AFSCME Council 5 partial remarks on the opening day of negotiations.

"Since passage of PELRA – the Public Employees’ Labor Relations Act – there has never been a strike in Hennepin County.  We pledge to work our hardest and damdest to reach a voluntary settlement!"  ~ Bill Peters, HC Labor Relations partial  remarks  on the opening day of negotiations.


Table Talk (September, 2009)

Table Talk Survey (July, 2009)

Table Talk (May, 2009)

Special Leave Without Pay / SLWOP Banking Possible


Members of the Master Negotiations Teams for all the Hennepin County AFSCME unions have been meeting to develop a strategy for this round of bargaining, set up a system to bring information to our members, establish a mechanism to solicit feedback from our members and bring it all together to craft a proposal for the Employer. The time commitment might not be long but the importance of the work the Master Team does is immeasurable.

Members of the Master Team for AFSCME Local 34 include Jean Diederich, Cathy Cowden, Cliff Robinson, Jacquelin Coleman, Ester Killion, Laurie Simon, Paul Madison, Wes Volkenant, Jacqueline Poole, Shawnice Watson, Patrick Regan, John Herzog, Chalmers Davis, Vicki Moore, Fatuma Kassim, Andrea Lazo-Rice, and Halima Said. These members will represent you at all Master Negotiation Committee meetings - those held to develop the contract proposal and those held after to review any tentative agreement. Master team members will be meeting throughout the summer and fall of  2009.

Members of the Table Team for AFSCME Local 34 include Jean Diederich, Jacqueline Poole, Patrick Regan, Lori Simon and  Wes Volkenant. These members will represent you at the future  negotiation meetings with Hennepin County.