Join AFSCME Next Wave 

Keep the Wave Rolling! 

The AFSCME Next Wave program is an organization aimed at AFSCME members who are 35 years of age and younger, who are building the union movement. 

Did you know that 55 percent of our AFSCME members are over the age of 50 and will be eligible to retire within the next 10 years? This exodus will leave a huge leadership void and loss of institutional memory. The future of our organization depends upon our ability to identify and activate new young member leaders to fill the gap when seasoned activists move on. 

Sometimes, local meetings aren't the best point of entry into our union for a fledgling member. Next Wave hosts fun, purposeful events to draw young people in and get them excited about AFSCME. We hope people will then emerge prepared to enter our local energized and inspired to be active participants.




What We Do

Labor Movie Nights and Bowling Nights

AFSCME Council Conventions

Next Wave Workshops and Meetings

Day on the Hill (Lobby our Legislators)

Rallies and Demonstrations

Volunteer Events and Food Shelves

Advocate for Social and Economic Justice

Phone Bank for Union Friendly Representatives

Meet New Friends and Have Fun!


How to Join!

Become our friend on Facebook under “Next Wave Minnesota” to obtain informaion regarding upcoming events.

Email: to receive e-mail updates about Next Wave.